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Kid’s pizza night is such a hit in our house and occouring in such great frequency that I’m trying to add new toppings.

Our smorgasboard of topping choices usually consists of mostly leftover from the previous 2-3 days. Chicken from the previous nights fajitas, spinach, fresh basil, & lots of freshly chopped garlic to leftover squash, broccoli, tofu cheese or goat cheese.

While out shopping for an impromptu pizza night and spinning in circles in the produce section looking for something new, I spotted her…a juicy Bartlett pear.


I came home to thaw last week left over whole wheat and white dough and to prep and arrange my veggies.

Dough Recipe on my Pizza, Pizza! post

I also decided to add some of my delicious and flavorful overnight tomatoes from the previous day.

The Three Raveous Munchkins had a field day as the always do!

I kneeded about 3 chopped cloves of garlic into my dough as well as spreading some ON my rolled out dough before light tomato sauce.

And I must say, my pear on my pizza were ahhhh-mayyy-zing!! The julianned pear that I put on top of all my toppings was lightly baked and browned in the oven and it really brought out the sweetness of the pear and was a really nice contrast with the zesty tomato sauce!

Sorry I have no after photos – they were quickly devoured!!