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The kids really get excited every other Friday night  – when I announce that tomorrow morning we will be making donuts – while they have no idea who Homer Simpson is, I can hear them repeat his trademark moan, “Mmmmm…dounuts”

While it’s not a healthy meal by any stretch of the imagination, unless of course I concocted some green bean, kelp, sweet potato doughnut – but then I’m not sure the kids would look forward to Donut Morning so much! 😛

This morning I decided to surpize them with a little chocolatey gob of goodness in the center of their normally cinnamon sugar coated mini donuts. Yes, Mikey and I put Hershey milk chocolate chips in the center!

Makes about 32 Munchkin sized donuts.


  • 1 can of jumbo buttermilk biscuits (or 2 cans of regular size)
  • sugar and cinnamon (we add Splenda too)
  • 2 cups canola oil
  • Hershey Mlk Chocolate Chips


  1. Heat oil in a sauce pan over med heat. Open donut can and tear/cut each donut into quarters
  2. Push 2-4 chips into the center of each quarter and pinch shut – make sure that you seal it good so that the melted chocolate doesn’t leak into the hot oil – yech! 
  3. Roll each in your palms to create a ball
  4. Gently place each ball into the hot oil
  5. Some will flip over on their own, the ones that don’t – flip ’em!
  6. To test doneness take one out and cut it open and see if it’s still doughey. If they need more time, give em a minute or so, if not take them out and transfer to a paper towel lined plate or a brown paper bag to drain oil.
  7. When cool enough to touch roll in the cinnamon sugar and serve!

The yummy surprise that lie deep within their fluffiness was enough to earn me a HUGE hug from Ravenous Munchkin #1 as well as a “These a the BEST donuts in the WORLD, I love you MOM!”

I hope you family enjoys them as much as we do!