Welcome to my blog!! 🙂 I will be posting some photos and recipes that I have made and in the past year and also new ones to come!

From my about section:    Jessie – As a photographer, unpublished food critic, and family appointed chef, my discerning palate and worldly tastes gives me a leg up on neighboring moms chefs. On a pretty much constant quest for the next new/fun/easy/delish meal to make! My family and friends LOVE my cooking and I love to cook. I’ve decided to start this blog to have a place to document my recipes, dishes, my successes, & failures.

I have 3 Ravenous Munchkins, a 4 year old girl – J, a 3 year old Boy – M, and an almost 2 year old girl – M2.  They LOVE to eat well. And by “well” I do NOT mean chicken nuggets, fries, & mac & cheese (unless of course the last is homemade!). I mean these kids eat kimchi, white rice with kim, squid, Yangnyeom gejang, nigiri, fried prawn heads. They also LOVE to cook!!

I will also feature some recipes from the Ravenous Grandma – if there’s anything that you’d like to see…just ask!   Happy eating!